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Excavation Vermillion
Excavation Vermillion

Hard-working, friendly individuals staff Greg Young Trenching & Mechanical. Greg Young, himself, believes in getting to know his customers. A self-professed workaholic, he spends ten hours a day, five-to-six hours a week, in the shop, and he’s not planning to slow down anytime soon! It’s part of the reasons customers have come to value the service his company provides and why many have turned acquaintances and even good friends.

Greg Young was in school when one of his friends asked what was in the cards for him, career-wise. Greg didn’t know. “Try working as a mechanic,” his friend told him. After thinking about the idea, Greg realized the suggestion made sense. He already had experience doing some minor mechanical work thanks to his farming background. Greg grew up on the family farm, situated in Islay, Alberta, not far from Vermilion.

After significant soul-searching, Greg found himself in a mechanical program in Edmonton. He started his apprenticeship with R. Angus Caterpillar but when it was bought out he was forced to finish his training with the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. In 1977, he graduated in the top percentile of his program.

Shortly after the completion of his program, he moved back to his beloved Vermilion and worked for John Deer for six years. Though he enjoyed the work itself and is grateful for the experience he gained, John always looked forward to taking those skills and creating a name for himself.

So, 28 years ago, he took the plunge into the scary world of beginning your own business. Thanks to a lot of hard work and a supportive family, he’s been able to grow that initial company to almost ten employees, most with decades of experience under their belt.

One day his children will inherit his legacy.

Excavation Vermillion   Excavation Vermillion

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